Expansions - What are they?


Expansions are essentially a set milestones for development of the game, core and primary features will be released with them.

They are meant to stay and be an integral part of the game, widening the depths of the game.
Constant develompment and small improvements will happen regularly, but have no fixed timeline.

There are FIVE freaking big Expansions on the Roadmap until Q4 2020.

  • Prosperity i - The Age of Castles

The game will get a complete castle system tieing in with crafting, training and other feature of the game.

  • Prosperity II - Brotherhood of Guilds

    This is a guild system upgrade for the whole game.
    It will include activities like DKT farming, Raids and global progression of your guild

  • Prosperity III - New Territory, The Promised Lands

    In this milestone The King will grant the right to own Land to Knights.
    This land/property system will interlock completely with Castles and Guilds Expansions..

  • War Expansion - Legions of Honor

    This Expansion will introduce Armies and Troops to your arsenal.
    Build out your forces and take them to war or defend yourself against evil foes.
    BIG update to round the whole thing up!!!

  • Blockchain Expansion (Waves & EOS)

    First wave of blockchain integration.
    The Blockchain expansion is a living expansion and keeps growing,
    while the game will gradually go multichain with mintable items and marketplace.
    We will try to get on as many blockchains as possible in the future.