Your Knight - A little insight


Knights Character Screen

Knights Character Screen

On the right you see your character screen, this represents your Knight.

Here you can see all the Attributes he has:

  • attack

  • defense

  • health

  • energy

  • stamina

  • luck

  • critical chance

  • honor

Attack, defense and critical chance are your stats important for combat and can be increased in many ways.

Attack is your ability for how much damage you do in Raids and PvP while defense stands for how much incoming damage you can mitigate from hits….critical chance is of course tied to your attacks.

Luck is important for any kind of draws you have to make, for instance in a loot drop.

Health (red), energy (blue) and stamina (yellow) are directly connected to the bars on top which refill over time when not at maximum.
If they reach zero, or dont have enough left on the counter, your Knight has to refill them either through store items or just wait till they naturally refill over time.
Every bar, except the XP counter of course, has its own timer depending on character choice.

Health (top), Experience (bottom)

Health: Your Knight has a certain amount of health points standing for the damage he can take from combat.

XP: It shows your progression to the next level and the amount of experience points you have acumulated so far.

Energy (top), Stamina (bottom)

Energy: Main purpose of Energy are Quests. Every step forward in a Quest uses up your energy.

Stamina: Determines the amount of hits you can take in a Raid. More stamina equals to more hits you can hack into a Raid Boss.

Gold (top), Shinies (bottom)

Your Knight of course has his coin pouch always with him and the amount he has is shown on the top right of the screen.

Gold: Its pretty much collected from every activity in the game and is a basic resource used for advancements.

Shinies: This is our premium currency and sold in the store or gained through special promotions and events.

Next up is your inventory and the items you have equipped.

Necklace, Cape, Helmet, Off-Hand, Armor, Boots, Pet, Ring, ???, Main-Hand (clockwise from top right)

Necklace, Cape, Helmet, Off-Hand, Armor, Boots, Pet, Ring, ???, Main-Hand
(clockwise from top right)

Slots in your Inventory:

  • Necklace

  • Cape

  • Helmet

  • Off-hand

  • Armour

  • Boots

  • Pet

  • Ring

  • ???

  • Main Hand

We have hundreds of items to fill your inventory with, and your Knight is blessed with the ability to craft his own items from them as well!

tons of weapons, gloves, bows…..

….swords….masks and mighty battle axes