Protector of the Realm

Princess Arias

Princess Arias

All Knights are the Protectors of his Majesty and therefore allowed to use whatever they find to their own good.

The King is a just fella, and his right hand Knight Sir Haides IV is his loyal pilar of the Kingdom.

The King also has a daughter, Princess Arias, she is into the arcane and he is very proud of her.

The King likes his entertainment and is always favorable to a loyal Knight, harvesting the lands on dangerous adventures and giving him his fair share of the Kingdom based on accomplishment and honor.

Bringing home unimaginable treasures from the forgotten times, just to show off at the High Castle, is a favorite Knights sport nowadays.
But the Kings favourite is undoubteltly the weekly Tournaments held in the entire Realm.
Competitions like those typically end in a humongous feast extraordinaire with monster stories and tales from heroes for the whole population of the Kingdom….