...or how to make your Knight a shining star

Crafting view…combining ingredients …recipes here we come.

Item rarity scale:

  • common

  • rare

  • epic

  • legendary

  • mythical

The crafting mechanism itself depends on stacking items and combining them.
Weapons, Armor and various other items can transform into higher tier gear through crafting changing properties and rarity.
You can build up a common item to a rare, epic, legendary or even mythical one, and make them more powerful.

common, rare, epic, legendary, mythical (from top)

When items reach epic status, they become mintable as NFT on the blockchain and can be transfered off-game.
At any stage of weapon crafting you can try to sharpen your blade for even more damage.

Additional enchantments can make your equipment of choice more special.
You can add permanent or temporal abilities to your favorite gear:

  • different extra damages

  • critical damage

  • bonus raid damage

  • bonus PvP damage

  • increased stats.

KnightLands has also craftable Loot Boxes and Charms.
Certain loot drops are parts of those artefacts and combining them will yield you the restored item you can use.

Virtually no limits are given to the Devs to implement new recipes for better user experience…and let’s not forget the funny special ones.