DKT - Dividend Knightlands Token


DKT is a TRC20 Tron Token.

It is generated through premium gameplay and is given out in other occasions and events.

DKT is an inflacionary token and can be transferred, traded or staked.

Staking DKT:

Distribution of Dividends is performed on weekly basis.

Users need to withdraw the DKT gained to their own wallet before it can be frozen for Dividends.
Minimum amount of DKT for freezing is 25 DKT.
Only frozen DKT are eligible for dividends.
For any transaction related to the Dividend Smart Contract a user must have either Bandwidth&Energy or TRX in their wallet to pay for the contract trigger.
Unfreezing DKT takes 24 hours and token in transfer will not participate in the current Dividend round.
Frozen DKTs take part in the Dividend Pool until unfrozen.