Raids - The hunt for Treasures


Raids are one of your main DKT source. 

Summon a public Raid

Once collected 5 essences you can summon a Raid.
Summoning consumes the essences and a fee is paid to the Dividend Pool.

After summoning, the Raid Leader gets a unique link to share his Raid amongst other Knights.
Knights willing to join a Raid pay a low entrance fee to the Pool.

The Raid Leader has increased DKT gains from his own Raid.
Every Raid has its own loot table and gives low to high tier items and Raids even special Loot Bonuses based on Leaderboards.

  • TOP Damage Dealers

  • Kill Shot

  • Most Hits

  • MVH - Most Valuable Hit

You can see the different Raids you have joined in a list and claim your loot when the opponent got overthrown by you and your honorable friends

Public Raids are time limited and the enemies need to be depleted before the timer reaches zero. to get rewards and loot.


Your Raid list