Quests - Your bread and butter


Questing is a free to play activity in Knightsland

Questing in Kangarooster Meadows….ready to attack!

Questing in Kangarooster Meadows….ready to attack!

It is the main source of Gold, XP and materials for Charms, Food and Equipment.
You will find Potions and craftables for magical crates and other equipment.

Quests are divided in Zones of 5 enemies plus a final boss.
Each zone has to be completed in order, and by defeating the final Boss…only then you can move on to the next Quest Zone.

Every End Boss has also a chance to drop his essence you can use to summon a Community Raid, if you collect enough of them.
Essences are consumables.
Quests can contain exclusives items.

Zone Difficulties

Zone Difficulties

After heroically finishing a Quest you should increase the difficulty.
4 are available and every stage of course has bigger gains…more risk more fun more profit.

Loot tables and essences for final bosses are adjusted.

To start choose a Quest Zone you have available.
You are confronted with 5 enemies and an extra, final zone boss.
Beat them all in order to finish the quest.

Every monster has a name displayed over his image and the percentage below is the amount of damage he took so far.

Once engaged with the enemy you can hit him.
The cost in energy for one hit is displayed.
You can hit as long as you have enough energy with single hits or go all in with maximum energy.

You can see on the left that every hit also has a chance of loot drops. They go directly into your inventory for further use.

After engaging the enemy all there is left is hitting him hard.

Essences to summon Raids

Quest Enemy with rewards and cost shown