+ What is Knightlands?

Knightlands is a browser game with cryptocurrencies and profit sharing through a Dividend Token (DKT). For an enhanced user experience the game is off-chain and executed on dedicated servers while other specific content is executed on the blockchain to ensure veracity

+ Can i play on mobile?

Yes you can.

Mobile wallets like MathWallet, TronWallet or TronLink for mobile have integrated Dapp Browsers and log you in with their wallet function. Yandex Browser on Android lets you install the regular TronLink Chrome Extension and is also usable.

+ How about playing on PC?

You can play KnightLands either from a Browser where you can install the official TronLink or Tronpay as extension or any other solution with integrated wallet for TRON. We recommend Chrome Browser + Tronlink to play.

+ My Giveaway Link won't work, what is the problem?

1. We use secure sockets and some VPN provider block them. Please turn off your VPN, restart your browser an try again.

2. Make sure you have unlocked your Tron wallet to sign the message to link your Wallet ID before you click the personal link. If you change your wallet you will have to reload the page first

3. You can only sign up ONCE, either with our Telegram Bot or the Newsletter! It will show an error if you try to sign-up on both.

4. If the problem persists, please contact an Admin in our Telegram Group or email support@knightlands.com, with the following information:
- Your Public Wallet ID
- Your sign-up link
- Browser and Operating System you are using

+ What is a NFT (Non Fungible Token)?

A Non Fungible Token represents a specific and unique token like a epic battleaxe in Knightlands. The opposite is a fungible token like TRX/BTC Read more here

+ Do i need a TRX Wallet?

Yes, you need a TRX Wallet and TRX to play KnightLands.

You can play some parts without paying, but certain features of the game can only be used pay to play

+ Can I play more than one Knight?

We have nothing against you playing more than one character but as of now you need to use different wallets for each of your Knights. Sign in with Tronlink and it will load your respective character. You might have to refresh to load another wallet you changed in Tronlink.