♥️ Partnership Announcement LoveHearts & TRXplorer

We have formed a strategic partnership with and

The addition of LoveHearts (LVH) is a step forward to Multi Token integration in games on the TRON Blockchain.
We have integrated a special Chest in our Presale, to give a first usecase to our partners.

Presale Chest Contracts (TRC20) are now visible on
📋 Herald's Box TK5YEJsB97xtQTSjG2DrHYLhuXwUaDaesx
📋 LoveHearts ♥️ Chest TAQUsf5gGZHJk96RrN41BLVNb8jzGb3bz3
📋 Protector's Crate TPdzxZHJ5g8qo1rKYaSweyMApxKof9tpiy
📋 Council's Chest TMJywD1ATivVYxMb1rj6kGVZV648yCYSTy
📋 King's Treasure TMhWdG7jpA61WJuRwSCEUtonobqyfKbKaH

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Knightlands - Crypto RPG
with Profit sharing

You are a Knight now, and just got promoted to Protector of the Realm.

The King granted you a piece of property and access to his Realms.
In exchange you need to keep it free from threats.
His Majesty will grant you a share of the Realm for devouring the evil in his land.

While Quests are your bread and butter, you can also battle your fellow Knights in PvP or go on Raids with them collecting precious loot and DKT, gaining your fair share of the Kingdom.
Crafting is also an ability most Knights enjoy, in persue of perfect mythical items.

Read more about… Your Knight - Crafting - Quests - Raids - DKT&Dividends - PvP


Features…and what’s to come

+ Dividend Token DKT (TRC20)

+ Mintable Non Fungible Token (NFT)

+ Crafting, Quests, Raids and PvP

+ Train and Level

+ PvP with Staking (Coming Soon)
+ Market Place (Coming Soon)


+ Prosperity I - II - III (Q1-Q3 2020)

+ Battlefield (Q4-2020)

+ Blockchain EOS&Waves (Q1-2020)

Read more about… NFTs - Train&Level - Expansions - Roadmap


Mythical Treasures

Our Items are classified into common, rare, epic, legendary and mythical, have a variety of properties to enhance your Knights power and are stackable with our crafting system.

Every item reaching epic standard, can be minted on the TRON Blockchain as a 100% owned Non Fungible Token (NFT).

You can upgrade, use or trade those assets to your liking.
An open market will be available soon….Stay tuned!


Dividends and DKT

55% of profit shared with our DKT Stakeholders!

is the Knightlands Dividend Token and is generated through game features like Raids, Leaderboards Competitions and Daily Logins.

DKT is a inflationary, mintable and stakable TRC20 token with profit sharing depending on the amount you have frozen.
The Dividend staking and freezing is governed by smart contracts on the blockchain.

Read more about… Leaderboards - Daily Logins - Dividends




  • ✅ Game idea took shape
    ✅ Outlining of the final product
    ✅ Designing Game Mechanics
  • ✅ Game development started
    ✅ Initial Balancing
    ✅ Development of Smart Contracts
    - Closed Beta
  • - Presale
    - Open Beta
    - In-game Market
    - PvP Duels with Staking
  • - Prosperity I Expansion

    - Blockchain Expansion (Waves & EOS)
    - Guilds with Raids
    - Activities and Events
  • - Prosperity II Expansion
    (Guilds - DKT Farming, Progression System)

    - World bosses
    - Activities and Events
  • - Prosperity III Expansion
    (Land System interlocking with Castles and Guilds)

    - Guild Wars
    - Activities and Events
  • - War Expansion
    (Armies and Troops)
    - Art revamp (character representation and more)